Top 14 Apps For Professional Photo Editing On Smartphone

Want your photos to stand out from the rest? With the right app, you can edit them like a pro and take them to the next level.

In this post, we’ll present you with a comprehensive list of the 14 best apps for editing photos on your smartphone, for both Android and iOS.

Why editing photos on your mobile is the best option?

Editing photos directly on your smartphone has numerous advantages that make it an excellent choice. Here are some key reasons:

Edit anytime, anywhere

Editing photos from your smartphone lets you take advantage of every moment and place to capture your creative ideas. Whether you’re at home, on the road, or in any situation, you’ll always have the tools at hand to retouch that special photo. No need to be tied to a desktop computer.

Powerful editing tools

Mobile photo editing apps have evolved tremendously and now offer very powerful and advanced tools. You can fine-tune exposure, contrast, levels, focus, apply complex masks and much more.

Intuitive interface for all levels

These apps are designed so that anyone, regardless of their level of experience, can use the editing functions in a simple and intuitive way. The controls are visual and user-friendly, allowing you to get great results right from the start.

The 14 must-have apps for professional photo editing

1. Snapseed – The Essential Photo Editing App

Google’s Snapseed is the all-in-one photo editing app you must have on your device. With professional tools such as precise adjustments for exposure, detail, structure and sharpness, lens healing and selective focus, you’ll transform your photos into spectacular images. Plus, it features unique brushes and a library of creative filters to instantly enhance your photos. (Android, iOS)

2. PicsArt – The Best Photo Editor for Advanced Retouching

PicsArt is the perfect choice for those looking for truly advanced photo retouching. With robust options like tone curves, overlays, object cloning and precise layer masks, you’ll get total control over your retouching. And if that’s not enough, its huge collection of stickers, frames, fonts and drawing tools will add the creative and artistic touch you desire. (Android, iOS)

3. Adobe Lightroom – Edit like a true pro with Lightroom Mobile

Now you can bring the power of Adobe’s Lightroom suite to your smartphone. The mobile version retains the professional capabilities of the desktop software, such as RAW file editing, manual exposure control, preset application and synchronization with your devices. If you’re looking for truly professional photographic workflows, Lightroom mobile is the way to go. (Android, iOS)

4. Prisma – Transform your Photos into Artworks with Artificial Intelligence

Prisma uses AI algorithms to magically transform your photos into stunning works of art. At the touch of a button, it will apply effects inspired by movements such as impressionism, pop art, geometric patterns and many more. The result is truly unique and captivating images that will steal glances. (Android, iOS)

5. Afterlight – The Most Exclusive Artistic and Creative Filters

Afterlight is a gem among iOS exclusive editing apps, focusing on offering unique artistic and creative filters. It has a wide gallery of effects, textures, lights, vignettes and geo-stickers that will enhance your images. It also has manual controls to adjust color, tones, sharpness and opacity to your liking. (iOS)

6. VSCO – The Powerful Editor with the Vintage Touch You’re Looking for

VSCO is the number one editing app for those looking for a vintage, cinematic look for their photos. With powerful tools such as precise adjustments for exposure, color temperature, sharpness, grain and more, you’ll get professional-quality results. Plus, it features an extensive collection of unique presets and filters that recreate the retro look so sought after today. (Android, iOS)

7. Photo Lab – Create Fully Customized Artistic Effects

Photo Lab is the perfect complement for the most creative editors. It allows you to apply painterly effects, artistic styles and fully customized renders to your photos. It features unique brushes, advanced layer masks and the ability to combine multiple filters for truly unique looks with your personal stamp. (Android, iOS)

8. ToolWiz Photos – The All-in-One Editing App

ToolWiz Photos is a robust suite that combines all the editing tools you might need in a single application. It features basic functions such as crop, rotate, sharpen and color adjustments, to advanced options such as layer masks, overlays, clone/stamp objects and much more. It’s the complete and versatile solution every mobile photographer needs. (Android, iOS)

9. PhotoDirector – Control Every Detail of Your Retouching

PhotoDirector gives you total control over every aspect of your photos. With advanced smart retouching tools, you can perform background changes, selective blurring, perspective corrections and much more. Precise layer masks, object replacement brushes and photomontage options let you retouch on a professional level. (Android, iOS)

10. YouCam Perfect – The Best Retouching for your Selfies

YouCam Perfect is the ideal application to retouch and beautify your selfies. It features automatic tools to smooth skin, remove shine, enhance eyes and apply digital makeup. But it also incorporates advanced manual adjustments such as object removal, body shape correction and total control of retouching. The complete solution to look perfect in every selfie. (Android, iOS)

11. PhotoGrid – Create Stunning Collages and Creative Designs

PhotoGrid is the flagship app for creating visually appealing collages and creative layouts with your photos. It features hundreds of high-impact predesigned templates, the ability to combine multiple images, add visual effects and decorative text. Whether for social networking, albums or simply expressing your creativity, PhotoGrid gives you all the tools you need. (Android, iOS)

12. TouchRetouch – Remove Unwanted Objects with a Single Touch

TouchRetouch is an app specialized in removing unwanted elements from your photos with extraordinary ease. Its extremely simple interface allows you to erase objects, people, stains and any imperfection by simply touching on them. It also allows you to fill areas automatically and offers brushes for more precise retouching. It is the ultimate solution for cleaning up complicated images. (Android, iOS)

13. Camera360 – Capture and Beautify Stunning Photos in One Click

Camera360 combina las mejores funciones de una cámara profesional con potentes herramientas de edición y belleza. Su modo inteligente automáticamente captura la mejor foto, aplica ajustes de exposición, iluminación y enfoque. Luego puedes usar sus opciones de retoque avanzadas como embellecer rostros, suavizar piel, ajustar cuerpo y aplicar filtros creativos. Todo lo que necesitas para obtener fotos increíbles con un solo clic. (Android, iOS)

14. Polarr – The Closest Editing Experience to the Professional Studio

Polarr is the app that comes closest to having all the professional photo editing tools on your mobile device. Its complex exposure adjustments, lens compensation, curve control, advanced selection tools and differential focus give it the power of a professional desktop suite. It’s the perfect choice for photographers looking for a level of total control over their images. (Android, iOS)

Conclusion – Find the Perfect Photo Editing App for Your Smartphone

Top 14 Apps For Professional Photo Editing On Smartphone

Wherever you are and whatever level of experience you have, editing photos directly on your mobile device with the best apps is the most convenient, portable and powerful way to get professional results.

In this guide we’ve covered the 14 essential apps for professional photo retouching on smartphones, each one standing out for its unique features.

Some like Snapseed, Adobe Lightroom or Polarr are complete all-in-one suites with all the editing tools you can imagine. Others like Prisma, Photo Lab or Afterlight specialize in artistic effects, painting styles and exclusive filters for truly creative images.

Apps like TouchRetouch or YouCam Perfect focus their power on specific tasks such as removing unwanted objects or applying perfect beauty touch-ups respectively. While options such as PhotoGrid, Camera360 or PicsArt stand out in aspects such as collage creation, optimized photography and advanced photo editing.

Explore in detail the capabilities and functions of each of them to discover which is the best option for you according to your needs and photographic style. Start taking advantage of the incredible benefits of mobile retouching: convenience, ease of use, professional power and amazing results.

Let this guide be your route to professional photo editing right in the palm of your hand! Edit, create and surprise with stunning images!

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