LED Night Light Motion Sensor

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Light up your nights effortlessly with this motion sensor lamp!

Forget about stumbling in the dark or looking for switches. This light automatically turns on when it detects your movement, illuminating your path with a soft, pleasant light.

_It will automatically turn off after seconds of no motion, which helps conserve battery life.
_Comes with a USB cable so you can recharge it at any USB outlet – no more searching for batteries or dealing with cables!
_This night light has a magnet on the back, allowing you to easily attach it to any metal surface.


Perfect for:

_Children’s rooms
_And any other place you need to illuminate


1. There are USB type sensor lights.The packaging is carton packaging.
2. The lamp beads are LED, and the corresponding styles are different, and the number of lamp beads is different.Please adjust the switch to the appropriate use mode after charging.
3. Single row with only motion sensor.Double row with light sensor + motion sensor.
4. The fixing method is magnetic suction type. Peel off the adhesive on the back of the magnet in the package and stick it on the wall or cabinet. The induction lamp can be sucked on the magnet. Easy to pick and place.
5. There are two forms of constant light and induction. Press the switch to sense, and the final mode is always on.
6. Single row with only motion sensor. The induction lamp can works in dark conditions. May also light up in daylight. If the induction is not sensitive, you can press the induction lamp bead with your hand.


cold white, warm white

Emitting Color

30cm-40LED, 20cm-26LED, 50cm-36LED, 30cm-20LED, 20cm-13LED


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